Kalahari Potjie 3 Cooker

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Kalahari Potjie Cooker is built and designed to be durable, economical, practical and fuss free. The volcanic rock used in the manufacturing process ensures complete heat insulation, and is the provides hours and hours of cooking power.

Ideal for home use and whenever you are outdoors, the Kalahari Potjie Cooker is economical, portable, even when alight and can be used with woks, skittle, kettle, and pots.

We hope you have as much use and enjoyment from the Kalahari Potjie Cooker as we have!

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  • Fill the Kalahari Cooker Starter Rock container with the lighter fluid of your choice, and let it soak
  • Remove one Starter Rock and place it on top of the steel grid inside your Kalahari Cooker
  • Light the Starter Rock and allow the flames to establish. The fluid and Starter Rock may emanate smell and smoke for up to 20 minutes, so always start your Kalahari Cooker outdoors
  • Once the flames have established, fill between 1/4 to 3/4 of the Kalahari Cooker with charcoal. The amount is determined by what is being cooked, and 3/4 full should last up to 8 hours of cooking
  • After cooking, when the ash is cold to the touch, remove the Starter Rock and place it back in the same container used to soak it originally

IMPORTANT NOTE: Check the label of your charcoal to make sure it is safe for indoor use. Generally, charcoal briquettes are for OUTDOOR USE ONLY.

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Dimensions 11 × 11.25 × 9.75 in

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